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18, Inzhenernaya street,

Novosibirsk, Russia, 630090

Phone: +7.383.3102703

E-mail: info@epigene.ru


Early detection of cancer diseases allows applying an effective treatment and saving a life of patient.

It was shown that the beginning of cancer is acomplished by an aberrant methylation of tumor suppressor genes and these genes become silent, they are switched off. Determination of silent tumor suppressor genes allows to detect cancer at the early stages when still there are no clinical indications of disease. 

Recently developed epigenetic methods of cancer diagnostic allow to detect the disease at early stages. However, these epigenetic test-systems are based on method of bisulfite conversion, which is quite complicated and often results in false-positive/negative data. That is why such tests are not widely used.

Novel GLAD-PCR method for detection of methyladed DNA may replace bisulfite conversion. It is simple, easy, very sensitive and not expensive.

Based on new method, EpiGene LLC as project company, develops new epigenetic test suitable for screening and early diagnostics of colorectal cancer.



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